Women In War

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Women In War The coming of the Civil War challenged women to take a step out of their comfort zone in their homes to the outside world. The war pushed women to take over men 's jobs when they had to leave for war. Women were a huge part of history in war even though they were restricted from combat; some disguised themselves as men. They no longer need to disguise themselves in order to fight because of the 1994 DOD Combat Exclusion Policy was lifted. Women 's roles changed dramatically throughout history and have made many contributions to various wars.
Women In War
Women did many things for the Revolutionary war some traditional others unconventional. They were nurses, cooks, maids, secret soldiers, and spies. There was less of a need for
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They worked as streetcar conductors, radio operators, steel mills, and logging camps during the war. (Bryant, n.d, sec. World War 1 Experience para.1) One of the major contributions Women made to World War 1 was to take over the running of the farms and to grow the food needed. Woman sewed, knitted coats, underwear, and socks for the soldiers because the army did not have resources for new uniforms. (Bryant, n.d, sec. World War 1 Experience para.1) This contribution that the women made were very vital to the army. A million women filled the vacancies left by men who are now risking their lives to fight in the army.(Bryant, n.d, sec. World War 1 Experience para.5) It was the first time that American Women were allowed to join armed forces. “Thirteen thousand women enlisted in the navy to do custodial work, three hundred entered the Marine Corps, two hundred and thirty traveled to France as part of the U.S. army Signal Corps, three thousand five hundred served in cafeterias, and one thousand one hundred served as nurses and other ambulance drivers.” (Bryant, n.d, sec. World War I Experience para.6) The army recruits and trains bilingual telephone operators, and some women serve stateside as well as over sea; two women serve with the coast …show more content…
One famous female was Deborah Sampson, she fought in the American revolution. She disguised herself as Robert Shurtlieff, Born December 1, 1760, in Plympton, Massachusetts. Her father did not return from a sea voyage and her mother could not provide for seven children. Her mother placed each of them in various household and at age ten. Deborah Sampson was given to Deacon Benjamin Thomas, a farmer, who had a large family. At age eighteen she made a living by teaching school and weaving in winter. In the spring of 1781, she had the idea of joining the army dressed like a man and decided to enlist. Her first war she was attacked by the British, she and two other sergeants lead thirty infantrymen into the neutral ground. She got a gash on her forehead and was shot in the leg, she took care of it herself and before full recovery she joined the military again. For over two years her true sex was hidden, she had close calls with death and her discovery. She feared unconsciousness because she could not get herself out of trouble. Dr. Benjamin Binney discovered her secret and told the general. She was discharged October 23, 1783. She became a famous farmer 's wife and died April 29 at age 66. Frances Clalin was a woman who disguised herself as a man in the Civil War era. Her cover name was Jack Williams. To conceal her identity

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