The Roles Of The Messiah Essay

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The Roles of the Messiah in Christianity
The roots of Christianity all come from the life, teachings, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus lived a relatively short span on this earth some two thousand years ago; and most of those years are not even recorded. Even though he was killed by people who hated him, his teachings and followers have had a huge impact on not only Christianity but really the whole world. By walking thorough the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus, it becomes easy to see how his role as the Messiah in christianity plays out. Even though Jesus has been alive since the beginning of time, for most his birth marks the beginning of christianity. As the son of God, his birth was strange because he was born in a place where animals were kept and by a virgin. It was the perfect design however, considering he came here for everyone—poor and rich. If he had come to earth in the role of a King, he would have been predisposed to deliver the people of Israel from the Roman empire. But in reality Jesus didn’t come to deliver people from human authorities, instead he came to save people from their sins and give them eternal life. After all, his name means, “God Saves.” Following the birth of Jesus, there is nothing else written about him till he is twelve. This is recorded in Luke 2:41-49 where Jesus went missing on a family journey to Jerusalem during a feast, and he was found teaching in the temple with astounding authority and wisdom. This…

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