The Roles Of Shopping In Shopping By Jenisha And Hansikaa

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Aaheli has been observed enjoying shopping with a range of peers at shops regularly over recent weeks. On this occasion, Aaheli was invited to join Jenisha and Hansikaa for a dramatic play based learning experience. The girls were involved in conversations with the educators to get more information from their shopping knowledge. The educators asked the girls few questions such as whom do they go shopping with, what sort of shops they go to and what do they need to take before shopping. Aaheli said, “Mummy,” and added, “Woolworths. Hmmm... Little India, it is in Woolworths back.” Aaheli suggested, “Trolleys…Opal card…green colour,” to take before going shopping.
Aaheli and Jenisha took the roles of a customer whilst Hansikaa took a role of
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At the billing counter, we had a weighing machine and a barcode scanner attached to the cash register. With questioning about the weighing scale, Aaheli replied, “Measure (pointed the numbers in the weighing scale).” The educators (Siobhan and Anis) explained the difference between the usage of a weighing machine and a barcode scanner in a supermarket. The educators demonstrated how to search for a barcode (numbers with patterned parallel lines) and assisted the girls to find the same. Aaheli questioned how to measure an item when they could not find a barcode. The educators acknowledged their logical thinking and recommended to use a weighing machine to weigh an item. After the discussions, Aaheli recognised the barcode in different items such as eggs, Tea cartons, Honey and cereal boxes and passed it to Hansikaa for billing. Siobhan asked Aaheli how much she thought the strawberry punnet was. Aaheli replied, “Four dollars” and recognised the barcode and gave it to Hansikaa. Hansikaa scanned it and said, “Three dollars. Still getting it?”. With modelling Aaheli said, “Yes please Hansikaa.” Aaheli continued helping Hansikaa to bill her purchases and slowed down to match up the speed. After billing, Hansikaa asked, “Would you like to pay by cash or card?” With modelling Aaheli said, “Cash please.” Aaheli recognized the numbers oh her money from her handbag and said, “Hundred Dollars. Twenty cents,” and handed it …show more content…
* During this experience, she contributed her knowledge and experiences of shopping by sharing information about keeping money safe, organising things to take for shopping, labelling and recognising several types of food groups, money value and exchanging money.
* Aaheli displayed learning processes such as problem-solving, inquiry, investigating and researching such as she got an extra shopping basket when her basket was full, identified that fish belong to a specific food group, investigated more on the food groups with educator’s assistance and inquired the educators when she couldn’t find the barcode.
*She actively took on the role of literacy and numeracy user in her play e.g. identifying labels and words on cartons, identifying barcodes on a product, identifying numerals in money and extended her interest in early numeracy by involving in discussions about measurement and weight with the

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