The Roles of Management in an Organization Essay

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The success of an organization rests on the ability of managers to plan, organize, direct and control.' The aim of this essay is to examine to what extent the above statement is an accurate appraisal of successful management? To illustrate the arguments put forward this essay will refer to the case study 'The launch of the centaur' taken from Paton et al text 'Organizations, Cases, Issues and Concepts'. The case study reports on the problems that occurred when Centaur replaced
Paravel car manufacturers.

This essay will include a study of Henri Fayol's five key managerial elements in order to display whether it is essential to plan, organize, direct and control followed by practical examples drawn from the highlighted case
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Pugh and Hickson backup Fayol's view " essentially this is making sure that one departments efforts are coincident with efforts of other departments, and keeping all activities in perspective with regard to the overall aims of the organisation"[9]. Fayol identifies some of the key characteristics of a well co-ordinated organisation. These characteristics are highlighted in Appendix 4.

The fifth and final of Fayol's five elements is controlling which logically checks the other four elements are performing correctly.
Fayol states that controlling "consists of the ongoing, routine verification of plan implementation, instructions issued and principles"[10]. Controlling applies to all processes and its purpose is to identify weaknesses and problems that can be rectified and to prevent recurrences. Fayol believes that organisations should be
"cautious against infiltration of control"[11] such as duality of command. Fayol also stresses the need for independent, objective and impartial inspection. Pugh and Hickson believe that " to be effective, control must operate quickly and there must be a system of sanctions. The best way to ensure this is to separate all functions concerned with inspection from operation departments whose work they inspect"[12].
This backs up the view made by

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