The Roles Of Gang Status And Social Status In A Gang

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a. Status/pg.96: the position that someone occupies in a social group (also called social status). Status is something that all of us seem to be worried about even though we should not be. What some define status as varies from person to person. Some strive to have a high status in society some people do not care. Gang members care about their status than the average person. A gang member especially in MS13 cares about his or her status because the higher they are in status the more respect they get and the higher in their gang they can go. Status is defined in many ways, the amount of respect an individual gets, how much money they have, the cars they drive and even the amount of people they have under them especially in a gang. An …show more content…
role/pg. 99: the behaviors, obligations, and privileges attached to a status. In a gang, each member has a specific or several roles they must fulfill. From the leader of the gang to the very newest recruits, all roles are treated as important, although some are more important than others. All roles in the gang are there for a purpose and must be executed perfectly or the gang may take out or kill that person who was filling that role. Some roles are meant to mentor newer gang members and some are to kill opposing gang members. There are many roles in between those two things like selling drugs and even stealing things. The role that a gang member in a gang such as MS13 achieves or is assigned depends on how long they have been in the gang and how committed they are. Those who are willing to die doing something or an act for the gang and dedicate their life to it, typically rise up through the ranks very quickly and become shot callers for the gang. Another role related to the gang is the role of the police officers trying to combat this horrible gang activity. Their role and job is to try and crack down on the gang activity and put a stop to it as much as they can. Without the presence of the police in areas where the gangs are active, gangs would run ramped and do whatever whenever they so pleased to. All roles are in place for a reason and do a job that a higher up felt that it needed to be done.

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