The Roles And Responsibilities Of The Federal System Essay

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Module 7 Written Assignment

1. The role and responsibilities of the federal system:

Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson were opposed on how the federal system should’ve carried out its role and responsibilities. Jefferson believed in limiting the federal government’s powers to what was designated in the Constitution while states’ rights were maximized; he was afraid of governmental overreach and abuse. Hamilton wanted a strong federal government that had the ability to regulate commerce and trade, collect taxes, and assume a national debt. He felt a strong, centralized government would legitimize the U.S. in the world as a developing power.

The National Bank and the Supreme Court:

The National Bank was set in place by Hamilton and later removed by Jefferson. Jefferson was weary of the creation of a national bank because he felt it would only benefit the industrial North and not the agrarian regions of America. Hamilton believed as the country grew and its commercial transactions became more complex and convoluted, a central bank would be needed to help facilitate those transactions (Divine 162).

The rise of the Supreme Court came during Jefferson’s presidency. Jefferson was not happy about how much power the Supreme Court came to control after the principle of “judicial review” rose to prominence. Judicial review gave the Supreme Court the power to determine the constitutionality of national and, later on, state laws. This power irked Jefferson as it effectively…

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