The Roles And Responsibilities Of People Essay

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a. The roles and responsibilities of people. Employing skilled and relevant employees is very critical. This is irrespective of race, gender, and age and other factors, which when brought together into practice lead to customer-based and quality conscious initiative.
Project managers
As afore stated, fundamental role of the project manager is to oversight back-to-back production of the application guided by clients taste and preference. Further, he directs projects team comprising of current team members and contractual personnel. The overall duties include project monitoring, control, and team integration, change integration, and corrective action whenever needed (Berkun, 2008 p. 39). Specifically, the project manager will perform the following roles:
1. Schedule management- Naturally, most projects are time framed. As such, activity definition, schedule development, and schedule control are major critical roles performed by project manager in conjunction with team leaders.
2. Scope management-this role constitute of projects initiation, planning, definition and change of scope as well as activity controls geared toward successful completion of the project.
3. Procurement management- Outsourcing of material is part of this project. As such, management team is subjected to procurement planning and vendors selection (Stellman & Greene, 2008 p. 49).
4. Cost management- Money is a very critical resource in a project. Hence, roles such as resource planning, cost…

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