The Roles And Differences Of Athena And Aphrodite

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Athena and Aphrodite, one would be hard pressed to find two deities more different that these two Goddesses. However, they are similar in the sense that they both play such an important role in Greco-Roman Mythology and more importantly, they are both very powerful women. These two goddesses, along with their differences are what explain the two tremendous powers a woman has, her intelligence and her sexuality. Whether they are aware of one more than the other, every woman carries the essence of both these women in them and it reflects through their mind and sexuality.
There are very few similarities between the two goddesses and for good reason. However, Athena being the Goddess of Matron Duties and childbirth and Aphrodite the Goddess of
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There is no shortage of differences between these two goddesses. Athena, a Virgin goddess described as intelligent and brave is a deity far different then Athena the Goddess of sexuality and fertility. Athena, is the Goddess of War and Wisdom and Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love and Beauty. These titles are usually sufficient when referring to the goddesses although they both have several other areas under their realm of control such as the craft and justice for Athena and pleasure and procreation for Aphrodite. One finds her power through her intellect and the other finds it through her sexuality Aphrodite, being the Goddess of Fertility was often pictured as beautiful and enchanting. “Each one of them prayed that they might lead her home to be his wedded wife…” (Homer). From this line of the Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite we see the effect a woman in touch with her sexuality can have on a man or anyone in the vicinity. This is a tactic used time and again by women everywhere and usually results in their wish being met. She was either fully clothed in a beautiful gown of sorts or dressed a bit scantily to play to her role as the Goddess of sex. She is described as alluring and the symbol of feminine beauty. Besides the three virgin goddesses, one …show more content…
These differences could exist to explain the two very great powers a woman has, her brain: her perspective and intelligence, and her sexuality: the sexual appeal of a woman. The purpose of these differences is the model they set for women of all time. When a woman sees the two deities, she strives to achieve each of their strengths. From Athena, she aims to be bold empowered and intelligent. From Aphrodite, she sees a woman in touch with her sexuality and who embraces it and uses it to her advantage. These two goddesses holding both these ideals to such a high standard and for women to see this and aim for it is the very purpose that both these aspects of a woman are displayed by their own

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