Essay on The Role of Imc in the Marketing Process

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Chapter 02
The Role of IMC in the Marketing Process

Multiple Choice Questions 1. (p. 39-40) Under Armour developed dynamic advertising, sponsorships of sports leagues, a creative Web site and celebrity spokespeople to promote their sports and clothing products. Under Armour is engaged in:
A. integrated marketing communications
B. a centralized market strategy
C. a concentrated market strategy
D. an undifferentiated market strategy
E. lifestyle segmentation based on sports
See opening vignette. 2. (p. 41) According to the marketing and promotions process model, which of the following is NOT a stage in the target marketing process?
A. market identification
B. promotional decisions
C. market segmentation
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Competitive advantages
D. Market strengths
E. Market plans 7. (p. 43) To reach tweens (8-12 year olds), Jell-O brand gelatin marketers introduced X-treme Jell-O in wild berry, green apple, and watermelon flavors. The ads describe the gelatin flavors as "Jell-O with an attitude" because these fruit flavors "will bite you back." Jell-O has defined tweens as:
A. part of an undifferentiated market
B. aggregated market
C. a response-stimulus market
D. the mass market for gelatin
E. a market segment

8. (p. 43) China is the world's second-largest beer market after the U.S. It is also one of the fastest growing with annual growth of 10 percent. Anheuser-Busch responded to this _____ in China when it established Budweiser Wulhan International Brewing in central China. There it brews Budweiser and Budweiser Ice which are sold to the local market.
A. market opportunity
B. market aggregation
C. competitive advantage
D. market strength
E. market threat 9. (p. 43) Anyone who has ever attended a state fair understands how complicated the ticketing system can be. Attendees buy a number of tickets and then turn them in to various ride operators. One ride may require 3 tickets, another 5, and another 2. The system was complicated for workers and for consumers. A company named Funtastic has developed a SmartCard that is purchased at the ticket booth for any amount customers want to spend. Each ride requires one swipe of the card, and the amount of the

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