The Role Paul Gives The Holy Spirit Of Christian Initiation, Church Life And Personal Religious Experience

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6. Describe and assess the role Paul gives to the Holy Spirit in Christian initiation, Church life and personal religious experience.

St Paul is remembered as one the most influential figures of the early church. Today he is seen as being somewhat controversial, but his conversion and life continue to inspire modern Christians. He could be considered as being the first Christian theologian and his teachings are still massively important to Christians today and still influence Christian study and thought. Paul’s writings make up the majority of the New Testament and he worked tirelessly to nurture and support the early church communities, most of his letters being responses to problems suffered by these communities. No figure could be said to have done more or worked harder to spread the gospel than Paul, who worked tirelessly his whole life to establish and care for the early Church communities.

Paul was a citizen of Tarsus, making him a Roman citizen, meaning he could move freely in the Roman Empire and was more protected by Roman law. As well as this, he was also a learned Jew who was taught by Gamaliel, the most prominent Jewish educator of the time.
Formally a Pharisee and fierce persecutor of Christians, he experienced a dramatic vision of Jesus on the road to Damascus, later receiving a commission naming him a ‘’the chosen instrument to proclaim my name to the Gentiles…and to the people of Israel’’ (NIV Acts of the Apostles 9:15).
The rest of Paul’s life was spent…

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