The Role Of Women 's Role For The Status Of The State And Its Industry

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In this essay, I am going to argue that the recent surge in economic growth in India can be attributed in part to the improvement of the status of its female citizens and that further growth will be dependent on continued efforts made towards complete gender empowerment. To support my argument, I will first discuss the role empowered women play in their economies, then I will highlight the role women play in reducing poverty and hunger, and finally I will explain how the condition of women within a country determines its level of development. Incorporation of women into the workings of the state and its industry is therefore an indispensable part of development and progress.
Following the end of the cold war and the fall of the Soviet Union much of the world had accepted the United States as a singular superpower. However, the international system was soon confronted with the beginnings of many changes in the global distribution of power. It appeared that power was diffusing to new groups of emerging powers “seeking to challenge the basic norms of the system” (Hurrell 83). Among this group of rising powers was India. This nation in particular experienced tremendous growth, yet in terms of continual growth India is held back by poverty and gender inequality.
How can women improve the economy? It is presented by Tickner that women are more likely to invest in the future. Projects like microcredit capitalize on this tendency by giving women small loans for their reinvestment…

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