The Role Of Women : India And China Essay

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Examining the roles of women: India and China Imagine a woman holding her deceased child in arm, a woman selling her body to make ends meet, or a woman who has little say so in anything she does. The women to whom this description applies come from India and China. In both societies women are seen as weak and of low importance. The woman of subject go through events which reveal their worth and meaning. The Women of China and India have roles in regard to parenting, marriage, and work that differ greatly from the roles of men in the same country. In the countries of India and China the role of the women is quite similar. In the readings of Nectar in a sieve and Balzac and The little chinese seamstress. Both readings correlate to reveal the roles of women in each country. Nectar in a sieve written by Kamala Markandaya enter the settings of the indian women that the world does not see. The main character Rukmani reflects on her life, being married into a different lifestyle then her upbringing. Rukmani was born into a wealthy life but by the time it was her turn to be married, she married poor since her father had very few dowries left from his previous daughter 's marriages. It is hard for Rukmani in the beginning but she adjusts to her new life and goes through a great deal of suffering. In Balzac and the little chinese seamstress two boys that are sent away and meet the little seamstress. The book entails about the boys lives working and being educated and…

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