Against Women In The Military Essay

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Women have advanced in the Armed Forces progressively since World War II. Deseret Storm was a starting point in realizing that women could be an asset, not a detriment, to demanding military positions. Still, any combat related job within each branch had a rule of no females. That all changed in December 2015 when the United States Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter stated that all roles in the military were now open to women. This allows women to try out and be a part of the elite positions within the Armed Forces, a huge step for equal rights within the military. The primary argument for lifting the ban is that women are already performing ground combat duties. People opposed to lifting the ban argue that the physical discrepancies will hinder …show more content…
Women celebrated all over the country at the news release. Retired Col. Ellen Haring portrays her feelings by saying “I think it’s thrilling – it’s fantastic. … It’s the end of formal discrimination against women in the military – and frankly it’s one of the very last vestiges of legal discrimination against women in this country.” (Anna) On the other hand, there are those that oppose the decision with beliefs that some positions should remain closed to women. The Marine Corps had asked that women be excluded from infantry, machine gunner, fire support reconnaissance, and others. Carter denied this exclusion stating, “We are a joint force and I have decided to make a decision which applies to the entire force.” (United) Jude Eden, a former Marine sergeant, disagrees with Carters presumptions. “Women don’t have the brute strength that’s needed in combat. And women’s higher injury rates certainly don’t add strength to combat units”. (Thompson

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