The Role Of Women In Love Is A Fallacy By Max Shulman

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At any period of time, society has always have these traditional stereotypes that have contributed to inequality and absurd idealistic roles. People over time have form unrealistic expectations on individuals that should not be considered a factor evaluated. One specific set of individuals are women for decades they have been deemed as weak, dumb, and inefficient in anything except as a housewife. The only essential part of woman would depend on the man because they had their preferences. Max Shulman demonstrates in “Love is a Fallacy” how his protagonist identifies a woman as a necessity tool to help his career; additionally, he used women as a way to display his superiority. This work illustrates how males would evaluate women based on appearance, intelligence, and their expectations. The protagonist’s expectations towards Polly are absurd; it’s like he intended to change her in order to fit her into the role of his perfect future wife. No one is perfect probably he isn’t too, but to set his ideals towards someone else especially to a woman is selfish and ludicrous. Polly is assume to be a tool for the protagonist usage in order to promote his future career. Shulman illustrates through the protagonist how a man would view a women, “I wanted Polly for a shrewdly calculated, entirely cerebral reason… I was well aware of the importance of the right kind of wife in furthering a …show more content…
Due to the fact, they are deemed as fragile, dense, and incompetent. These attitudes toward women have always been the norm of society and no one ever thought it was wrong. Today, people would have been appalled by how a woman was never acknowledged or how men lower their standards in order to see them eye to eye. Not only did women have to uphold to men’s biased expectations, but were deemed as simple-minded people that only had to look

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