Masculinity In Treasure Island

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“Early nineteenth century adults looked on childhood almost entirely as a time of preparation for adult life.” (MacLeod, 1992). When it comes to reading books, children usually choose what is based on their age and interests, whether they are girls or boys. Children read books differently, however writers don’t actually write books that are made to be read by only girls or only boys. It is important to know how books are seen from different sides and perspectives. In the nineteenth century, some children’s books were published that discussed models of masculinity. It’s because society was mainly controlled by men. Women didn’t have much rights at that time and they had only to submit and accept the norms of society. Books for children at that …show more content…
In Treasure Island, Jim is a good example of a brave, wise boy who can be trusted. Knowing important information about Silver and his men is what makes Jim one of the heroes of the novel that they all rely on. They respected and elevated him so much after being honest and loyal to them, so they treated him as an adult and as one of them. We can say that he has the qualities to be the hero of that adventure novel and act as a role model of a good boy in the nineteenth century. He is mature, smart and knows everything as if he is a grown up man. He is a responsible boy who is independent, self-reliant and knows his priorities very well. In addition, he is not coward, but he goes on a dangerous adventure like a brave and courageous hero. He is individualistic and cares about his own gain with his friends. Moreover, Jim is loyal to the men who brought him with them and the owners of the ship. According to Showalter, “The child’s role is to expose the essential imperfections of the world around him.” (Showalter, 1979). Jim chooses to deliver the information he knew to the right place, which shows his sharpness and alertness. He chooses to join the good side of captain Smollet and his friends, even when he knows that their number is less than half of the pirates. Jim behaves in a heroic manner as he sacrifices himself so many times. He saves his mother once and his friends at the end. Silver is another character who is a role model and has characteristics of masculinity in Treasure Island, regardless of him being a pirate. He is different than the other pirates. He is a wise expert pirate who has the ability to absorb his anger and violence. The relationship between Silver and Jim is just like father and son. The fact of Silver being a pirate doesn’t actually make him

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