Woman In Jamaica Kincaid's Girl

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Throughout the majority of our history, women have always been expected to act and behave in a certain way. This idea has been passed down from generation to generation and young girls have been influenced and almost trained, on how to behave in society. This kind of influence can make it seem there is a right way to act the part of being a woman whether that means performing tasks to enhance a woman’s image, not do a man’s job or to seem fit to raise a family. In Jamaica Kincaid's Girl , Kincaid describes the moment of a mother lecturing her daughter on the expectations of being a woman. She includes moments where the mother criticizes her daughter because she does not conform to the expected gender roles. This brings attention to
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A woman is capable of adapting to any situation that comes at her way. This includes knowing how to raise a family, taking care of a household, how to look and act a certain way. Alia E. Dastagir, writer for USA Today, quotes Kjerstin Gruys, a sociology professor at the University of Nevada, on the expectations of women being “groomed” to people’s standards in society. He states,“ There's this myth that if you can somehow embody all of the ideals of femininity that you'll be protected from bad things happening to you”. (Gruys) This conveys the roles women play in society. The concept of the “ideal woman” is being taught at an early age and young girls are learning how they should present themselves in the public eye. These young girls grow more qualified to be characterized as educated to follow the right way a woman should act. People would take more seriously a woman who is able to do a woman’s job well like cooking, cleaning and much more to please …show more content…
The mother that Jamaica writes about as hard she is on her, the tone of the mother changes as the story continues. Instead of stern instructions, she gives her advice to to keep her from being hurt. Examples of when she has to face tough times with men, “ This is how to bully a man; this is how a man bullies you” and when she has to deal with a man in her love life “ This is how to love a man, and if it does not work don’t feel bad about giving up.” (Kincaid). The relationship with her mother has many characteristics of tough love with having moments they can argue with one another and criticise each other but it is with intention of Jamaica succeeding in a good

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