The Role Of Women During The World Of Food Studies, And The Way They Shape The Cultures Around Us

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“We are what we eat” is something that is often used amongst many in the field of food studies. In order to better understand this phrase that defines who we are, we must start off by analyzing the important role that gender and social classes play in the realm of food studies, and the way they shape the cultures around us. Firstly, gender differences have shaped our foodways from many different perspectives; firstly from the role of women in a domestic setting. From the writing by Alice P. Julier on “Eating Together: Food, Friendship, and Inequality” , we can see how the setting of a dinner party can vary between the roles that each women play. In the writing, we can see how the women was tasked with buying and producing the food for the household in relation to what the household wants to represent themselves in terms of social class and status. We can see that the men tends to be the one who brings in the cultural capital and the entities of capital through his network of friends and work colleagues, whereas the women is often seen as the one who produces the food to help entertain and maintain such relationships. This often sets the setting of the dinner, and determines what kind of dinner party it would be like, a casual one, a business orientated one or one that presents itself to showcases the creativity of food. Gender and class plays important roles as the building blocks of a dinner setting, formulating ideas and notions that we are used to. However, throughout the…

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