Essay on The Role Of Women During The Renaissance Period

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The role of women in the Renaissance period is dramatically portrayed in the play,
Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare. Women of this time period had little power or purpose in society. Many women, those from richer households, stood as an ornamental object to her husband and oversaw her children being raised by the family’s nannie. In the play, Lady
Capulet is a stereotypical woman because she is more of a silhouette than a person of substance.
The nurse is another model of a stereotypical women in this era. If a female was not wealthy, one would often become a maid or nannie. Their job would include cleaning, cooking, and take care of the children. Although both Lady Capulet and The Nurse are written as stereotypical women, Juliet is not. Shakespeare created Juliet to be a rebellious young women who is the complete opposite of Lady Capulet and The Nurse. In Romeo and Juliet, Juliet is a young rebel, unlike the Nurse and Lady Capulet who serve as stereotypical women of the Renaissance.
First, Juliet is not a figure of a stereotypical Renaissance young women. At the beginning of the play, Shakespeare portrays Juliet as a quintessential daughter who does only as her parents expect and allow. Juliet 's parents, Lord and Lady Capulet, arranged for their daughter to get married to a wealthy young man named Paris. As stated in the gale article Romeo and Juliet,
“Although Juliet is willing to consider Paris 's proposal, once she meets Romeo at the Capulet
Murphy !2 party, her…

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