The Role Of Women During The Civil War Essay examples

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The role of women as nurses contributed greatly to the Civil War, because it helped the military maintain it’s strength. They formed organizations like the United States Sanitary Commission and were able to collect a total of 25,000,000 dollars from the public for war efforts(Georgia 221). The money collected was spent on medical and sanitary supplies for soldiers on the battlefield(Georgia 221). The Civil War required women to take on greater role and aid the soldiers in anyway that they can. That required women to become experienced in medical fields. "20,000 women who served as nurses, more than 3,000 were army nurses filling positions that did not exist before the war."(Barney 1).Women not only took on roles as nurses but they were also able to supply the military with equipment. The Sanitary Commission contributed to the war by providing the military with food, clothing and bandages for the wounded and sick (Public 2). Free black women were also able help in union regiments and served as nurses(Frank 55). Even women that were oppressed heavily were able to contribute to the military by becoming nurses. Their involvement as nurses saved the lives of wounded and sick soldiers and was able to give women something to participate in during the war. Some argue that the war gave women opportunities to expand their horizon while helping their country. But women were still excepted to answer to a superior authority(male) and were still oppressed. Women contributed both supplies…

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