The Role Of Women During Latin American Society Essay example

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The role of women in Latin American society started to evolve during the postcolonial years of the early twentieth century. As Latin American countries started to assert their independence and search for ways to secure a prosperous future, women also fought to secure changes that would ensure them a better quality of life. The gender biases that had relegated women to household duties had also expanded to include obligations to perform duties in industrial factories. The struggle to balance home and work life encouraged women to fight for equal rights and independence from a system of patriarchy. These efforts were especially prominent in Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina, where women joined together and form societies aimed at combating political, economic, and social inequalities. In Mexico, women were drawn to the Mexican Liberal Party that promoted equality of the sexes. Leading activists advocated for women’s empowerment and argued that women deserved equal political rights, such as the right to vote or hold office, because they obeyed the same laws and paid taxes same as male contemporaries. In an effort to gain the support of upper and middle-class women, Mexican President Venustiano Carranza enacted laws extended numerous rights to women, including the authority to sign contracts, own and manage properties, and obtain a divorce and alimony. However, the hot button issue of women’s suffrage was usually met with strong opposition. Not to mention radical delegates…

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