The Role Of United States On Education Essay

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The Role of States in Education States have had a long relationship between balancing needs while also attempting to improve student performance. In North Carolina, for instance, there has been a gradual shift towards increasing state power regarding education policy and authority. While the General Assembly originally instructed local governments to create certain education bodies, certification processes and curricula, this changed after the conclusion of the Civil War. The state’s General Assembly significantly increased financing for schools as well as prescribed courses and textbooks schools were supposed to use in order to boost academic achievement across all countries. In addition, the General Assembly began to offer assistance with funding and constructing schools in areas unable to finance the construction of institutions (Mesibov and Johansen, 2006).
Currently, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction handles such matters like education policy, regulations and accountability measures for individual schools. The General Assembly also plays a role by passing laws to promote certain education programs as well as allocate funds for education programs, teacher certification processes and supplies (Mesibov and Johansen, 2006).
Subject standards. One of the state’s primary functions is deciding standards and accountability measures for various courses. In the 1980s, the General Assembly embarked on reforming public education through intervening in courses to…

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