The Manipulation Of Iago's Character In Othello By William Shakespeare

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Have your emotions ever got the best of you? In the play “Othello” by William Shakespeare. Othello emotions are toyed with and control him throughout the play. Othello known as “the moor” is the general of the Venetian Army. He creates a target on his back with he promotes a new soldier and close friend, Michael CAssio to lieutenant, rather than his rightman Iago. Iago is envyness with this, and he plots his revenge on Othello. Iago is able to Manipulate Othello feelings and plant seeds of lies into his head, and other people’s head, leading him to his fall. Othello plays the role of the tragic hero because of the manipulation by Iago. Throughout the play his character changes from being a leader, to jealous, to insecure. Being the reason …show more content…
Othello was manipulated throughout the play, had his tragic flaw, and his decline and realize his actions. Othello started off with a high position of power, being general. Having this power not only granted him good things it also got him to have an emny. Iago who was upset with him for not promoting him, even when he has fought beside him in every war with him, while a new soldier got the promotion. Having this target Iago must get his revenge. Iago has a friend Roderigo who is in love with Desdemona, he toys with Roderigo mind saying that he will get Desdemona, when Iago just needs Roderigo to be apart of his plan to take down Cassio and Othello. Even though Othello actions were him, he was manipulated by Iago and his lies. Iago feeded him into believe that Desdemona was cheating and he continue to shove the thought of this down his throat, making him break to the edge. Othello took his fall when he killed Desdemona, hurting his love, and becoming a beast like everyone said he was. Othello biggest flaw was being too trustworthy, which led him to his flaw he trusted Iago to much, ( act 2. Scene 3. Line 246-248) "I know, Iago, Thy honesty and love doth mince this matter, Making it light to Cassio" Othello was so easily fooled because he known to love Iago and for him to be forever honest, but he trusted him far too much with things that he should’ve took in his own …show more content…
(act 5. Scene 2. Line 300 “ Who can control his fate? This not so now. Be not afraid, though you do see me weapon, here is my journey 's end, here is my butt and very sea mark of my utmost sail. Do you go back dismay? This a lost fear, man but a rush against Othello’s breast, And he retires. Where should Othello go?” Othello realizes his actions, after everything knowing that he was wrong ending his tragic journey with having to live with his mistakes now and learning from them.
In conclusion, Othello is a Tragic hero, by being at a high position of power, to his tragic flaw, and he decline, to realizing his mistakes. We also have seen Othello change from the play. From being a leader, too jealous, to weak. Othello emotions were toyed with and had mind games set up by Iago , which led him to betraying his friends and killing his love Desdemona. We see that Othello was not to blame and that Iago 's manipulations influence Othello’s downfall, but can do we know if Othello would’ve asked Desdemona about it all will he believe her or would he still be subjected to Iago’s manipulations

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