The Role Of The School Nurse Essay

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School Nursing in Georgia
Many underestimate the role of the school nurse. So much so that in some schools the role of the school nurse is being eradicated or combined with other positions. however aside for taking temperatures a major role of a school nurse is to help assess the current state of general health within the school. this is the first line of defense concerning outbreaks and health trends that take place within the school. generally if there is a rise in sexual activity, drug use, or a host of other issues the school nurse is one of the first to see these trends (NASN, 2015).
Trends in Georgia Schools
On a larger scale the interaction with nurses in the community and various demographics also has an impact on the general health of the public. Georgia Department of Health understands the role of nurses in and out of the school system, but believes that a major focus for the organization is to promote quality health care, education, and awareness for children and parents alike. Overcrowding in many schools is leading to a rise in infectious diseases. When outbreaks take place not only does it cause panic, but if not properly handled said fear can lead to additional problems.
A major issue in Georgia schools is immunization and the reduction of infectious disease. Among older children Meningitis can be a major problem, however previous vaccines showed little results in young people and was aimed toward adults, however in the last 10 years new vaccines…

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