Essay on The Role Of The Responsible Adult, The Principles Of Justice

2291 Words Jul 29th, 2016 null Page
This essay aims to discuss the role of the responsible adult, the principles of justice, the over-representation of Indigenous people within the criminal justice system and will critically analyse the legislative options available to the Indigenous youth being interviewed by police as mentioned in the case scenario, Ellie. I am Ellie’s youth social worker, she has nominated me to be her responsible adult and to sit in on the interview with her. My responsibility towards her as my client involves ensuring she is appropriately guided through the interview and any consequential proceedings and ensuring her rights are upheld, and to ensure that legal counsel has been sought before she is interviewed. My role would also include ensuring Ellie is aware of and understands her rights to the principles of justice, therein including: the right to silence, the right to legal representation, the right to preventing self-incrimination and to build a legal defense. Further, it would also be my responsibility to ensure that Ellie is at no point traumatized by the interviews and to ensure that Ellie is not being pressured into admitting responsibility for a crime she did not commit (Legal Aid NSW, 2003, pt.1). Lastly, as Ellie has claimed she is not responsible but knows who is, it would be in her best interests for me to discuss this with a senior colleague to work out the best direction for her to take. This essay will also explore the notion of Indigenous over-representation…

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