The Role Of The President Essay

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With great power, comes greater responsibility. Controlling a country is not as easy as it might sometimes look. There is so much to take care of, so many problems to solve. To be a president of such great country as the United States is a big privilege, the huge power, and in the same time a hard work. All people who is under protection of the president believe and trust to person, who was chosen by them. It is never easy to be good for all of the nation, because every person is different, and everybody concerned about personal benefits. In such environment the role of the president is to determine the common idea of the wellbeing for all people. The leader who can realize the hopes and interests of the country on the domestic and international field can be identified as an ideal president. Abraham Lincoln great man that helped our country to go through rough times and keep the union together. This paper will examine Abraham Lincoln’s decisions during his two terms in the office. His contribution to the life of Americans cannot be left without our attention. In the years of his presidency, the main scourge of society was slavery. This problem was so rooted in the mind of American citizens at that time. Abraham Lincoln did not want to put up with this injustice. Abraham Lincoln did not like slavery, he did not want black people to be any different from normal citizens of United States. He wanted them to be able to vote and treated as equals. Another event which had place…

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