The Role Of The Individual Essay

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There is a lot of debate regarding the role of an individual in society. Many early writers and philosophers developed their own perspectives on what the roles of individuals were. Their writings and speeches influenced many people to change how they perceived life. Early American authors were no different in specifying their beliefs on the role of the individual. Some authors such as Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson had strong beliefs towards perfection and rebelling against tyranny, whom I strongly agreed with because they give outcomes with sufficient evidence. Other Early American authors such as Jonathan Edwards and AJ Smith, had biased views towards religion and how they thought everyone should approach it, which I disagreed with because their thoughts of God sending people to hell if they don 't follow Catholicism aren 't supported by any physical evidence. However, the text that best defines the role of the individual is “Self-Reliance” by Ralph Waldo Emerson because he argues that people should have individual authority, nonconformity, and originality. The first reason why “Self-Reliance” best defines the role of the individual is because Ralph Waldo Emerson argues that people should have individual authority. Emerson demonstrates this idea by saying that everyone should be dependent on themselves and what they think. He further supports his assertion by saying individuals are better off forging their own path in life. They also have to be willing to turn…

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