Elements Of A Dystopian Society

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A utopia is an idea of a perfect society, meaning everyone lives in peace and harmony. Unlike the book, Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline, which is based off of a dystopian society where people are selfish and degrading of everything and everyone. Based on the future, the book was lived through a virtual video game called OASIS where anything and everything is possible unlike the real world that he is scared to face. This game is his way of escaping the prison like schools and unstable economy of the real world. The OASIS world was much like the Holocaust in a way because of the way society was ran, the expectations people needed to met, and the way those that didn’t meet other expectations were treated. No world can ever be perfect, but we can try out best to get it as close to perfect as we can. The Holocaust is an unforgettable tragedy that scarred lots and lots of people. In the time of the Holocaust, the world was a scary and unsafe place much like society in Ready Player One. Wade says, “ I’d come to see my OASIS rig for what it was; an elaborate contraption for deceiving my senses, to allow me …show more content…
Judgement is created from minds that see bad and have impossible expectations. In the book Ready Player One, everyone fended for themselves, you were on your own because of a video game. Nothing would stop them, they would do anything and everything to win OASIS, which meant tearing apart those who got in their way, literally and figuratively.The Sixers made Wade and many others feel like slaves and nothing of a person, much like Hitler did to jews. Killing them and ripping them away from their families all because they didn’t fit his expectations. Those that were considered above all in both the book and the Holocaust treated, those “below” them with very little to no

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