The Role of the Catholic Churches in the Genocide of Rwanda Essay

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Title: The role of the Catholic Churches in the genocide of Rwanda Thesis Statement: There is historic evidence of the Catholic Churches being responsible for the 1994 genocide that claimed the lives of nearly a million and this demands the church to accept responsibility and make amends Introduction:
This paper is objectively aimed at presenting the issue of the Rwandan Genocide and the role of the church in this gruesome massacre. The preaching of Christianity professes brotherhood and love and violence of any kind does not find its place in Biblical literature and practice. History is witness to the fact that the genocide in Rwanda claimed the lives of millions and has scarred the survivors for life.
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The role of the Church:
The 1994 genocide was one that was characterized as the clash of two ethnic groups i.e. the Hutu and the Tutsi. The death toll was recorded to be approximately 10 million. Prior to the genocide, there was dispute and unrest between the two ethnic groups with the Tutsis being more powerful though a minority that was in power for centuries. In 1994, the assassination of Habyarimana could be stated as the cause that triggered of this genocide. The Hutu group commenced their rebellion with mass killing of Tutsis. Tutsis were inhumanly massacred in and around places of worship such as the Church and ironically in a place considered to be the most Christianized.
The role of the Churches of Rwanda stands to be questions in this genocide that claimed lives of more than a million. Many are of the conviction that the colonial anthropology based on racial supremacy professed and propagated by the church has been the cause of such ethnic friction and led to the social revolution of 1959. Post this revolution there were a series of events of unrest finally resulting in the genocide of 1994.
It is believed that he roots of the genocide that took place in Rwanda in 1994 lies in an ideology of an ethnic nature that the “Hutu power” exploited under the President Habyarimana regime. The “Hutu Power” was inaugurated officially in 1993.

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