Essay on The Role Of Technology On The Classroom Environment

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Frequently, teacher encounter situation in their classroom environment in which it is to encourage students to engage in discussion where their thinking is visible as they interact around scientific and mathematics practices conjunctures with technologies involved in activities. In our group discussion, we examined all available stimuli and how role of teaching incorporate with technology as this type of instructional strategy is portrayed as great importance for students ' attention processes to absorb information. The role of technology is portrayed how teacher can transfer information visually easier for all types of students by incorporating technology-based activities for mathematics and scientific practices. For our Scoop project, we will observe how educators would employ their technologies benefit for class discussion, visible learning, exploration, and discovery to ensure all types of students on the right track of learning and have access to same information as peers through differentiation approach. In the class, we learned about Universal design for learning (UDL) and differentiated instruction (SI). The DI elements were introduced to our group on first day and we understood about the core of differentiation is between teachers and students and how it is our responsibility to connect the content, process, and product for students to respond to learning based on readiness, interests, and learning profile. In addition for our Scoop collection, we examined our…

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