Essay on The Role Of Technology And The Internet

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The role of technology and the internet in their family was discussed in the interviews. Justin stated that everyone in his family uses technology all the time. He said that his friend’s family has a rule that there are no phone or tablets allowed at the dinner table. Not only does Justin’s family not eat at the table, he said that majority of the time he eats while playing video games or watching TV. He said his parents do not care because they are usually doing the same thing. Tasha said that her family dynamic has change with technologies evolution. She shared that when she was younger, family time was at the park for a picnic or board games in the house. Currently her family spends time with each other by watching TV or sitting in the same room while they all play games on their phones.
Ms. Johnson stated that she has notice a difference in her children and her grandchildren. She said that when her kids were younger she bought them dolls and kitchenettes, but now that her children are older with kids of their own she is noticing that they give their children tablets and phones. She said that one year her daughter bought her grandson a Kindle for Christmas and the next year she bought him an iPad because she said that it was a better tablet. Ms. Johnson said that he did not need neither of the tablets because he is only five years old at the time. She said that it is hard to entertain her grandchildren because she does not allow them to play with their phones and tablets…

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