The Role of Student Personnel in Higher Education Essay

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The Role of Student Personnel in Higher Education: The Development, Guidelines, and Overview of Student Services

Student personnel in higher education play an important role in the overall success of the college and that of each and every student who engages in learning at that institution. The role of the student affairs office is undoubtedly one of the most diligent areas the college or university has. As history teaches us, almost all institutions have prided themselves on a strong foundation of quality education and academic success stemmed from principles which tie the college or university to student’s individual academic success. The overall goal of the student affairs office is linked to the overall goal and founded to support
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More recent trends influencing the field include the expansion and integration of developmental theory, refocusing on the learning experiences of students, and exploring the role and enhancement of student engagement. There are guidelines, the core beliefs and principles, of student affairs practice that have persisted throughout its history and there are those beliefs and principles that have evolved and emerged as institutions of higher education and the needs of our society have changed. Diversity among today’s college and university campuses have increased and plays an immense role in what approach the institution takes. We must considering both the diversity of our students along with various techno-savvy, 21st century types of teaching/learning methods. These factors play part in both new student enrollment increase and student retention. Therefore, continuous restructuring and reinventing is necessary for almost all institutions. Now day’s colleges and universities have to take a more modern approach in engaging with student learners so that our enrollment remains, at minimum, satisfactory. Most all of us in higher educational settings have had to become more and more available and accessible to our students. We are coming into an age where students do not have to even attend a classroom setting in

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