The Role Of Status Disclosure Of Hiv Essay

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There are many challenges associated with disclosing one’s positive HIV/AIDS status to a sexual partner. This is due to cultural reasons such as fear of rejection; including partner abandonment and lack of community support. Nonetheless, what does this mean in terms of possible safe sex practices with individuals who choose not to disclose their positive status after unprotected sex with their partners? Although there are federal laws that protect the confidentiality of HIV-related information. There are also laws that impose criminal penalties on people living with their HIV status and are aware of their status who potentially exposing HIV through unprotected sex. Those accused are charged with Criminal Transmission of HIV. To gain more insight on these regulations I analyzed three academic articles on the Criminal Transmission of HIV. In each article I will discuss what the researchers found, how these deviant individuals justify their behavior and society’s response as well as polices that should be put into place that could possibly deter this deviant behavior in the future.
One of the main objectives is to examine the impact of status disclosure of HIV positive individuals to their sexual partners and the effects associated with the disclosure. This will help give me a better understanding of the social effects this disease as along with why HIV individuals choose not to disclose their status. Mary O’ Grady (2011) Mary O’Grady measured a sample of 60 individuals (30…

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