The Role Of Special Education And Rights For People With Disabilities

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ISSUES IN EDUCATION Many organizations and legislation enacted by the federal government determine the laws put in place for people with disabilities. In turn, these organizations and acts have shaped the foundations of special education and rights for people with disabilities.
The CEC (Council for Exceptional Children) advocates for people with disabilities, gives professional development, provides resources for educators, and pushes for pertinent government policies. CECPBS: (Council for Exceptional Children Performance Based Standards) are provided by the CEC. The CECPBS are standards that entail a foundation of understanding the field of special education. Also according to these standards, educators should understand the development and characteristics of learners based on their experiences and understanding learning differences in students. Moreover, teachers should have a grasp of some instructional strategies that prove to be successful. In addition, creating positive and engaging learning environments and social interactions are addressed in these standards. Communicating, instructional planning, assessments, professional and ethical practices, and collaborations are the other standards expected to be met from the CEC (CEC).
The NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) is an organization that focuses on the education of children from birth to grade eight (NAEYC). It provides; educators with professional development, parents with…

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