The Role Of Speaker 's Credibility For The Reliability By Arguing Against Self- Interest, And Working Against Your Own Interest

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Speaker’s Credibility is a strategy that use Trustworthiness to raise the reliability by arguing against self- interest, and working against your own interest makes people who know your ideas more persuaded. For instance, Donald Trump, a presidential candidate, suggest a tax policy that would tax individuals with 25 percent, 20 percent, 10 percent and zero. He also argues that this plan is against his self-interest since he will pay a more tax than before. One-sided appeal is another persuasion way to use when people are on your side. It will show the people only their candidate’s point of view without any different opinion. That being said, when a candidate has an event with his supporters he should not introduce other candidates’ planes. Additionally, the Peripheral rout processing of the Elaboration Likelihood Model could be used when people are in our side. Since they know about our argument and background, it will take less effort to persuade them. For example, Hilary Clinton used Katy Perry as credible person who supported her. This was a huge persuasive step since people knew about Hilary’s ideas. Political Campaigns usually use Propaganda as well. In this case, Plain Folks is a common one, and it tries to convince people that their candidate views benefits the common person. For example, most of the campaigns suggest that their financial policy targets the middle class which is the majority in the population.
However, if we are designing a campaign for people oppose…

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