The Role Of Socialization : The Norms Of A Social Group Or Society

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Brendon Kopplow
Sociology 110
Week 2 6/12/15 The role of socialization is to familiarize individuals with the norms of a social group or society. Socialization prepares future members to participate in a group by teaching them the expectations held by other group members. Socialization is an important process for children, who are socialized at home and in school. For children, the process teaches what will be expected of them as they grow up and become full members of society. It is also important for adults who join new social groups. Broadly defined, socialization is the process of transferring norms, values, beliefs, and behaviors to future group members. Also socialization is culturally specific because people in different cultures are socialized differently, to hold different beliefs and values, and to behave in different ways. Overall, there are three main goals that go along with socialization and they are as follows: First, socialization teaches impulse control and helps individuals develop a conscience. This first goal is accomplished naturally: as people grow up within a particular society, they pick up on the expectations of those around them and internalize these expectations to moderate their impulses and develop a conscience. Second, socialization teaches individuals how to prepare for and perform certain social roles, occupational roles, gender roles, and the roles of institutions such as marriage and parenthood. Third, socialization shares sources of…

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