The Role Of Social Structures Expressed By Individual As A Risk Or Protective Factors

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss developmental concepts and how it applies to a known individual. In the paper, there will be an emphasis on the influence of social structures expressed by the individual as a risk or protective factors. Included will be any traumatic experiences that the individual has experienced and whether this shaped the developmental experiences and outcomes of the individual. The individual chosen to be interviewed is a fellow social work intern.
Summary of relevant biographical information
Ivo Dimov was born on the 8th of August 1970 in a small town in Bulgaria in South East Europe. Ivo’s mother and father were born and raised in Bulgaria. His parents were young students attending university at the time of his birth. Both sets of his grandparents were “hardworking, trustworthy and loving” (personal communication, 2016). They treated him well, perhaps spoiled him especially because he was the first grandson; he travelled with them when he was young. Growing up they took care of him and he loved everything about them. His mother was a hardworking and loving woman. She was not very strict and there was plenty of freedom for him to do what he wanted. While he was spanked, it was not often. If he did something that warranted consequences, they were more apt to discuss it with him or provide logical consequences rather than corporal punishment. Ivo’s father was often absent from his life; he and Ivo’s mother were divorced when he was…

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