Essay on The Role Of Situational Model Of Leadership

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Being the head of a company or organization is a tough task. It takes a lot of time, and skills to be a good leader and have people work for someone and to follow their orders. To understand the differences and skills needed for a Head of an organization and the employees we interviewed workers from Wayne State College Res Life. The head we interviewed was Kyle Greene and two employees we interview were Lexi Neeman and Larissa Buster. For Kyle’s interview we discuss which situational model of leadership he is using. Also if he is task oriented or relationship style and then if he was charismatic, transformational, transactional, and authentic or servant leadership. With Lexi and Larissa’s interviews we figured out what motivates them as employees and what kind of rewards they get along with curtain needs they have to continue their jobs at WSC. In any organization or business the head contributes a lot to the work atmosphere. WSC Res Life is structured with Matt Weekly as Assistant Dean of students- A vacant spot for the Head of Res Life- Kyle Greene and Thom Osnes are both Assistant Directors of Residence Life- Lexi Neeman, Larissa Buster, and Terrance Davis are Assistant Directors (ADs) for curtain Halls-Then there are CCs and RAs for the buildings. We Interviewed Kyle and after the interview, and after asking certain questions, we have concluded that he is not just one model of leadership in the situational model of leadership. First of all, what is the situational…

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