The Role Of Sex Hormones On Cognitive Behavior Essay

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The model showed that some women could become attracted to the same sex if they keep having positive same-gender experiences with that person. More attention to affection bonding process may help us understand sexual orientation better, Diamond concluded. She thought that more attention to these processes would help us understand how and why people show separate patterns of desires, and love for same-gender and other gender partners over their lifetime. (2003) Dr. Doreen Kimura (1996) thought sexual orientation to be associated with cognitive abilities. She reviewed studies that related to sex and sexual orientation, on the influence of sex hormones on cognitive patterns, and important brain differences between men and women. It also stated cognitive patterns are susceptible to variations in sex hormones, and those hormones play a role in creating the neurocognitive systems. (Kimura, 1996) Dr. Kimura reviewed studies by scientists that looked at T cells in men and saw that its levels were at its highest in the early morning and males did better at spatial task. Also, female-to-male transsexuals (FTM) who were administered androgen performed better on spatial task also. The study concluded that sex differences are due to early organizing influences and can be the result of the time of day, the season, or during a woman’s menstrual phase. If there are any significant cognitive changes due to sexual orientation we can look to the environment in order to understand what is…

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