The Role Of Self Leadership On Implementing Physical Fitness And Stress Management Plan

1498 Words Apr 20th, 2016 null Page
Understanding the Role of Self-leadership in Implementing a Physical Fitness and Stress Management Plan 150/99. This was the last blood pressure reading I received from my doctor. This was not, however, the first time I had received a high reading from my doctor. In fact my doctor had previously advised me that if I had another consecutively high reading, he would place me on blood pressure medicine. This was alarming for me for more than one reason. First it meant that whatever medication the doctor decided to prescribe for me would have to be taken long term or at least until my diet and exercise regimen had changed which in my case meant that I would have to actually get a diet and exercise regimen. Second it meant that I have had multiple chances to rectify a situation but was now forced to face the fact that there was a situation that was actually outside of my control. By control I mean, pray about it and see what happens. Me being the stubborn person I am, I decided that I would not allow myself to admit that I had become the one thing that is so blatantly stereotypical within my culture. I was determined not to become another statistic but the truth of the matter was that I had not done anything to avoid this situation. I felt as though other elements had contributed to this not so good outcome. Since I have multiple health concerns indirectly related to the high blood pressure, I decided to monitor my personal behaviors in terms of eating habits, physical…

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