The Role Of School Leaders Essay

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Introduction In most states across the country, successful schools are being defined as those who earn high numbers or percentage points (Missouri) or letter grades of “A” or “B” (Louisiana) at the end of each school year; these scores are primarily based on how well students perform on standardized achievement tests. The role of school leaders are extremely important to leading and creating a successful school. As education continues to change, leaders will need to adjust their leadership styles, skills, and abilities to meet the needs of the children they serve. A leader who serves as a change agent, has many responsibilities. “The responsibility of change agent refers to the leader’s disposition to challenge the status quo” (Marzano, Waters, & McNulty, 2005, p.44). Dr. Derrick Mitchell has shown exceptional leadership qualities that qualify him to be classified as a change agent. Dr. Derrick Mitchell, principal at Normandy High School, has been in administration for eight years. He began his career as an Assistant Principal in the St. Louis Public Schools before being quickly promoted to Principal of one of the state’s most difficult schools, Vashon High School. Dr. Mitchell, a graduate of Vashon High School in 1987, knew when he took the job as Principal, he was going to make a difference for the school that gave him the foundation he need to be where he is now. In three short years at Vashon High School, Dr. Mitchell turned the once struggling and lowest…

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