The Role Of Qualitative Research On A Better Understanding Of How Households Select A Hospital For Their Children

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In today’s economic climate with consumers having more information than they have ever had before at their fingertips. Giving the consumer the most power that they have ever had to dictate whether a company or organization will be successful or not by a few stokes on a computer that touches the World Wide Web. The consumer can research everything they ever wanted to know about a company or organization in a few moments and make an informed decision whether to patronize your company or organization with out ever stepping one foot in the company or organization. Along with the amount od business that are giving the consumer so many choices to choose from a company or organization has to be on it’s game and do as much market research as possible to ensure that the right story is being told about the company or organization, or they don’t stand a chance in this new technology based market place.
The purpose of this paper is to analyze the following;
1. Discuss the role of qualitative research in gaining better understanding of how households select a hospital for their children when in need of health care for acute cases.
2. Describe possible survey methods that Norton could request if he commissioned a survey in this case? Which survey method would you recommend and why.
3. Select which of the plans you suggest Akron Children’s Hospital pursue- plan A, plan B, plan C, or plan D?
Akron Children’s hospital board wants the hospital to become the preferred hospital in a high-growth…

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