Essay on The Role Of Psychology On Trial Consulting

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Role of Psychology in Trial Consulting The controversial trial of OJ Simpson has undoubtedly been a great contributor to the increased popularity of the trial consulting in high-profile and high-stake cases. During the trial, a consultant named Jo-Ellan Dimitrius with a PhD in criminology picked the jury who found OJ Simpson not guilty. Trial consultants have been involved in numerous well known high-profile cases such as those of Kobe Bryant’s and Scott Paterson’s (McDermott, 2004). Many trial consultants have backgrounds in social sciences such as clinical psychology, sociology, or anthropology. However, having an education in such fields is not a requirement, although preferred, and those with various educational backgrounds such as criminology, law, business, or even astrology could become trial consultants (Stapp, 1996). Trial consultants are required to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, although a master’s degree ,PhD or PsyD is preferred, preferably in behavioral science, sociology, political science, criminology, psychology or other social science from an APA accredited institution. A joint degree in the social sciences and law is helpful but not mandatory. Furthermore, It is crucial for the consultants to possess strong intuition and knowledge of human behavior (Andrews, 2005) (Kane, 2016). Towson University in Maryland is currently the only school the United States where a combined academic and certification program for training of litigation consultants is…

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