The Role Of Psychological Factors On Advertising Effectiveness

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Thesis: As one of the most powerful media, advertisements are pervasive in people 's daily lives. Whether people mean it or not, they see advertisements online in magazines, and on television. I wondered if there are scholarly articles that recognize the power of advertisements and demonstrate whether they need to be more restricted than they are now.

Javinani, Mohadese Ghayoomi, and Shahab Alddin Shokri. "Role of Psychological Factors on Advertising Effectiveness." IJARBSS International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences 4.10 (2014): n. pag. Web. 14 Feb. 2016.
As a descriptive research, "Role of Psychological Factors on Advertising Effectiveness" investigated psychological factors on advertising effectiveness in case of Samsung television. The authors set advertising attitude and advertising involvement as indicators of effectiveness. They made hypotheses between variables, such as the need for cognition, advertising attitude, advertising involvement, and advertising intensity. Then they asked 305 people respond to related questions. Results showed that there is no significant relationship between need for cognition and advertisement attitude. Furthermore, they concluded that there is no significant relationship between need for cognition and advertising involvement. The article is accurate in it quality because the validity of their data was confirmed by the research committee. However, as this is a case study, the results cannot be applied to…

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