The Role Of Policing And The Police Within A Democracy Essay

1213 Words Jan 19th, 2015 null Page
This essay aims to provide an objective and comparative assessment of substantial academic research and literature concerning the evolution of policing and the Police within a democracy. Initially, it will introduce a contextual synopsis including the definition of policing and the contemporary framework within which it is established and applied. In addition it will present a chronological basis of the development of policing into the subsequent formation of the Police; progressing to a specific application of critical evaluation of policing practices from historical and contemporary perspectives.
Whilst it acknowledges that policing, in England and Wales, is a function exercised by a confederation and collaboration of various bureaucratic State authorities, private organisations and civilians, it focuses the aforementioned evaluation onto the Police as a recognised State institution. Analysis of discourse from sociological and criminological theories will endeavour to present and compare significant changes in policing from its origins, through modernity against its current settlement and understandings. Principally, it will examine how policing has affected and been effected by political rhetoric.
The present semantics of policing describe it is a form of social control, with purpose to regulate the conduct of people in accordance with their specific socio-political environment. The majority of contemporary organisations concerned with policing are institutions of…

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