Essay on The Role Of Police For Not Reflecting Society 's Diversity

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Criminologists have often criticised police for not reflecting society’s diversity in its staffing profile, but this is not really a significant issue as it does not impact on policing practices. Do you agree with this statement, why or why not?

Australia is a highly diverse country, that prides itself in being a place of acceptance and fairness. While that is correct for society, there is one place where diversity is lacking; the Australian police force. Consisting mainly of Anglo-Saxon, heterosexual males, the police has always been this way for a long period of time. But with the changing times, the police has been criticised for a lack of diversity in its staffing profile. With a small proportion of staff as women, or of an ethnic background, the public has always had a bias against the police when it comes to the involvement of them both in the police, and their treatment by the police as victims or offenders. With the rising voices of the LGBT community, the higher the need for diversity in the police force has grown to keep the law enforcers of Australia fair, just and compassionate.

Gender diversity is an extremely important part of diversity in the police force, yet there are so few women in the police. In 2003, the proportion of women made up “20.9% of all sworn police officers in Australia” (Boni, 2005 p. 2), and as of 2015, they make up “34% of the total staff in the Australian Federal Police”, excluding State police (Australian Federal Police, 2015). Even…

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