The Role Of Performance Management In Local Law Enforcement

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Over the past twenty years, nothing has affected the way we structure, operate, and manage organizations more than the performance management movement. Performance management is a form of management in which an organization seeks to maximize its productivity by instituting a system of measures by which to gauge performance levels of each element of the organization. The aim of performance management is to achieve the goals of the organization as effectively and efficiently as possible. In the age of budget cuts that we live in today, performance management is being used more and more to help organizations effectively meet their objectives in an economically responsible manner.
Over the past several years, local governments have
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Increasingly, local police departments are turning to performance management programs to maximize the effectiveness and the efficiency of the police services they are charged with providing. This paper will examine these performance management programs and look at the role this relatively new management concept is playing in local law enforcement agencies.
According to the Navy, performance management is "the process of defining a mission and desired outcomes, setting performance standards, linking budget to performance, reporting results, and holding public officials accountable for results (Strategic Sourcing Terminology 2). Wikipedia defines Performance Management as “Activities which ensure that goalsare consistently being metin an effective and efficient manner. Performance Management can focus on the performance of an organization, a department,or an employee.” Regardless of which definition one prefers, a few key concepts of performance management are clear. In a performance management system, there must be some sort of goals or desired outcomes that the agency is expected to achieve. After these goals have
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These goals should be communicated to organizational members as soon as possible,so that everyone is working toward a common strategic vision. Under performance management, the funding of the agency should be contingent on its performance (within reason). Public officials and administrators within the agencies are generally held accountable for failure to meet expected benchmarks. At least with respect to the private sector, these funding contingencies appear to be accurate. Public sector performance contingencies are a different matter,as we will see in the next section. Performance Management in Law Enforcement
As has been the case in many government agencies, performance management in the police department has been relatively slow to catch on. In my research, I failed to find any local,county, or State law enforcement agency who has completely implemented an all-encompassing system of performance management. However, I did find an increasing amount of law enforcement agencies that are beginning to use performance management based programs to help the agency achieve its mission and to justify the agency 's allocation of resources to the governmental body that oversees the agency.
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