Essay on The Role Of Peer Pressure On Adolescents

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Teens are often stereotyped to be individuals who act before they think, such as blurting out a bunch of nonsense that they do not actually mean. But what reasons are to be considered for such behaviour? According to Dobbs (2011), “ Our brains take much longer to develop than we had thought.” Meaning teenagers will have a harder time controlling their impulses and making decisions than that of an adult. Furthermore, peer pressure plays a large role in the positive, negative – even dangerous – actions of a teenager. Lehman (n.d.) demonstrates, “It is important to remember that adolescents are still learning to be a part of a group and are terrified of not fitting in.” Media can also be incorporated into the influential decisions of teens. Being both direct and indirect, “It has become one of the most pervasive forces in the world today.” (, n.d.). Together all of these strong influential factors can fall into three main categories. Teenager’s actions can be illustrated through their accessibility of technology, their high stress levels, and their underdeveloped brains. Today many teens prefer the interaction between screen-to-face, as opposed to face-to-face. However, as Bean (n.d.) states, “There are many dark corners of the web that teens can find themselves in and influence them in ways we could never anticipate.” These negative aspects of technology unfortunately allow for poor decision-making and actions from teenagers. Due to the immense amount of…

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