Becoming A Peer Mentor

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Professors, advisors, and administrators are the fundamentals to a university. They are the ones who will guide and help prospective and current students. The ones every student interacts with and the students get to know throughout the semester. Now, students have other options when seeking help. Peer educators are the umbrella for the smaller roles certain students have in the university. Peer mentors, advisors, and tutors are the helping roles for academic advisors and professors. They are just as dependable as the advisors or professors and will help make your academics easier at the university. Student interaction is important. The way you interact with students, what you say to them, and the way you help them. There are different ways …show more content…
Just like everyone else, there are students taking classes, studying for tests, and have to do homework. Having to dedicate time to giving feedback on students writing assignments and making class schedules takes time out of their own academic tasks. Peer Mentors and Advisors have to have a good work ethic and organizational skills to stay on top of their school work and their students. Peer Mentors have already gone through the class and having to attend the class again without receiving credit: it is time taken out of their schedule to go to the class. They also have to set aside time to read the student’s assignments and write down suggestions and comments. Since all students have different work habits, some students wait until the last day to do the assignment and want it to be reviewed making it difficult for the Peer Mentor to schedule a meeting last minute. Peer Advisors have a schedule of hours they are required to go to the Advisement Services Center every week. When they are in the office they are responsible for helping the students that come in the office. There are times throughout the year that the office will be crowded and busy, but also times where it is quiet. Unlike Peer Mentors, when Peer Advisors are in the office they have the opportunity to do some of their own work if the office is not busy. They are not responsible for meeting with students outside of the office unless it involves tabling to help students learn the new schedule maker or informing them of the basic academic necessities. Both require an independent student that will be able to provide students with the help they need and also complete the work they

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