The Role Of Parents And Family Members On The Way They Teach Their Teen About Alcohol

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On average four thousand three hundred fifty eight people under the age of 21 die because of an alcohol related abuse or accident. What influence can a parent have to prevent their teenager from making a dreadful decision? The parents’ influences can cause a great impact in the health attitudes and behavioral norms of their teenager; however, if the teenager is not guided in the correct pathway the results can be overwhelming. Having this said, throughout this paper we will analyze the positive and negative roles parent can have on the way they teach their teen about alcohol.
Through years, researchers and scientist have analyzed and explored the role of parents and family members on the development and prevention of alcohol abuse on teenagers. An example of this, is a research scientist from the Palo Alto Veterans Administration Health Care System in California, he mentions that there are two main types of family influence: alcohol-specific and a non-alcohol-specific effect. The alcohol-specific effect includes the impact of the parental use of alcohol on the child’s alcohol use and behavior and the non-alcohol-specific effect includes more general features such as the impact of the family environment on the child’s risk of deviant behavior when dealing with alcohol abuse. He further explains that if inadequate parenting, such as lack of affection, hostility, inconsistent discipline, and high levels of criticism, is manifested in both aspects of the family influence, a…

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