The Role Of Osric In Shakespeare's Hamlet, The Prince Of Denmark

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The tragic play Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark was written in the early sixteenth century by famous writer William Shakespeare. In this play Claudius and Laertes plot to kill Hamlet because of the death of Ophelia and Hamlets suspicion on the death of his father. Osric is used as a messenger for Claudius to deliver the news to Hamlet about his fencing match with Laertes. For the duel, Osric is assigned to be the referee between the two. Osric is also used to fair warn the people of Denmark that Fortinbras has arrived to claim Denmark. The role of Osric in this play is to represent the bad side of Denmark that the world sees as drunkards and fools which Hamlet despises. Osric 's Main role in Hamlet was to deliver the message from Claudius to …show more content…
Everyone sees Denmark as senseless drunks that do not amount to anything and are only worried about being part of the newest fashion and style (Edelman 3 Vol. 33). Hamlet hates this side of Denmark and feels that it is because of people like Osric that the world sees Denmark the way they do. Hamlet wants to eradicate that view of Denmark, and when he is confronted by Osric he continues to mock and make Osric look like a fool. Hamlet explained to Horatio how Osric has a place in the court, “He hath much land and fertile”(Shakespeare V, ii ) . Osric 's actions and his appearance show how he goes overboard with gestures and politeness. This is also amusing because he wants to agree with every one not to get in the way of things (Hamlets Blog) …show more content…
Osric 's’ characters’ main focus was to have everyone like him and to be popular. Osric is a witty man in the fact that he can get people to like him since he has a place as counter in the Danish court. He would agree with anyone because if he disagreed with them he was scared that they would dislike him (Purcell and Somers) . When Osric enters Hamlets room to inform him of the duel, Hamlet wanted to show Horatio of his dislike of the Danish court. Hamlet asked Osric of his attire and why he was not wearing his bonnet on his head. Osric replied that it was due to the hot climate and Hamlet stated that it was very cold. In his politeness to not disagree with Hamlet, Osric changed his mind and said that it was cold. Hamlet again said that it was hot, making Osric look even more dumbfounded he concurred with hamlet again (Shakespeare V, ii) . This proved Hamlets point to Horatio that Osric is only worried about what people think of him even if it makes himself look senseless. Shakespeare used this character to delineate all that was faulty in the court of the

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